Marking Tarot’s New Renaissance

In What is TNP? on June 30, 2009 at 1:13 am

WEB The Well

Excerpted from The Travel Guide And TNP LEXICON (2009):

XXII The WELL (Renewal)

Replenishment, healing waters of salvation; sublime aspirations; the “silver cord” attaching man to the center; rebirth, nourishment, refueling. Medicinal rites, baptism, purification, resurrection; related to the lake as with fishing—symbolic of drawing out and upwards the numinous contents of the deeps; divination, mystic contemplation; (reversed) sterility, the barren, resistance, addiction, disease, ghostly realms, wasteland, death by drowning, purgatory, or else (subjectively) catharsis, wishing well, meditative cleansing. Spectrum: Rebirth, Purification, Healing, Renewal. (Uranus)


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