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[An Emerging Archetype of Finality]

Author note: Here is the actual text that was researched and written years before this release but somehow escaped our editorial zeal in this edition of The Travel Guide.  My apologies and embarrassment.  This is the Official description of perhaps my favorite card in this deck. Peace, Art Rosengarten

Rosengarten’s Phrase:The mindstream, “the watercourse way” (Watts), The Tao;  journey and passage through change, river of time, impermanence; floating, fluidity, natural flow, going with the flow, downstream, free flow,“in the zone,” Jordan, when time vanishes; non-attachment, groundlessness; evolution,“Never the same river twice” (Heraclitus), time-travel; all channels, currents, streams (metaphysical); navigation, the riverboat and raft; life, blood, the cradle of civilization, sacred river (Nile, Ganges, Mississippi, Styx etc.); fertility, floods, Oedipus, Buddha, Huck Finn; place of songs: “Old Man River,” “Cry Me A River,” “The River”(Springsteen),” etc.  (Reversed) blockage, flooding, stagnation; ; or else (subjectively) flow, effortlessness, not making problems out of problems.

An Agent of Flow
24. The River (mini 17)

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